Coporate Profiles
Coporate Profiles

Recruitment Process



This traditional method of recruitment still works well for many clients and candidates either through advertisements in the print media or through the internet. It serves as an excellent tool for casting a wider net for potential candidates looking for new career challenges at all levels.

Network Search

Through our vast network established through the years in the various industries, we will be able to present to our clients strong candidates who would not normally be looking for jobs but would value the opportunity to explore with our reputable clients.

Database search

We have a ready pool of candidates to tap on for most assignments as these CVs have been collected over time. Our company also invests in database search capability that is provided by some top jobsites in the region.

Talent Search And Headhunting

This involves combing the market starting from competition to related industries for specific talents required by our clients. This approach is often time-consuming and challenging as individuals need to be convinced that there is something better out there for them in terms of career advancement and personal development.


After identifying suitable candidates for a particular role, thorough assessment is done through careful interviewing and screening of those candidates to understand their strengths and motivation for the job. At this point, job expectations & client’s expectations are shared with the candidates in order to determine ‘job fit’. Personality tests could be conducted upon client request. Salary negotiations are handled in a professional manner to ensure positive outcomes for all concerned. Candidate follow-up continues even after the candidate has been placed because we want our candidates to be successful in their chosen roles.

We offer specialist services in the following industries:

· Banking & Finance

· Security

· Education

· Oil and Gas

Successful Mid-level to Senior placements include the following positions:

· Private Bankers

· Relationship Managers

· Middle Office and Back Office Banking positions

· Oil traders

· IT related

· Sales & Marketing

· Audit & Accounting

· Product Marketing

· Corporate Communications and PR

· Relationship Managers

· Middle Office and Back Office Banking positions

· Oil traders